Monday, April 11, 2016 by Sunny Johnson | Studio Events

Hello friends! Here is the schedule of events for summer 2016. It will be a blast!



You will pay for 2 months of lessons (8 lessons total this summer. These events don’t count). Lessons start on JUNE 6

Sat, June 4PIZZA PARTY! For those who met their practice goals during Spring Semester. Eat pizza, play lawn games, spray my dog with the hose, and so on and so forth. Students will be deciding what we do at this party throughout the rest of spring semester…meaning if you practice hard, you may get to dunk your teacher. Bring clothes that can get wet if you want to play water games. Instruments not needed.

June 20-24 – NO LESSONS

Sat, July 2SCALYMPICS – (yep, the scale Olympics. You didn’t know those existed, did ya? That’s cause they didn’t, till just now.) Meet at Sunny’s at 2 p.m. Parents and siblings welcome, as it will probably be hilarious to watch.

To get us all pumped for the Rio Summer Olympics, we are going to have an Olympics of our own! Bring your instrument and clothes that can get wet if you want to participate in the swimming events! Scalar Olympic Sports will include:

  • Scale Sprinting: Of course, we need to judge who goes the fastest (and the most accurately – no cutting corners!)
  • Scale swimming: Meaning someone gets to spray you with the hose while I quiz you about finger patterns, key signatures, etc. Scale synchronized swimming is also a major possibility (get it? major? Hardy har har).
  • Scale High Jump: Who can play a scale furthest up on the fingerboard? Not for those who are scared of heights!
  • Scale Gymnastics: No, you will not be flipping around while you play your scales. But you might need to choreograph a moving floor routine, or maybe even use the balance beam!
  • Scale Relay: You’ll be in groups for this event, each person will play one note of the scale. This one takes some serious brain power.

And more, if I think of anything else awesome!

July 11-15 - NO LESSONS

August 2STUDIO FIELD TRIP! Meet at Murray Park. CONTACT ME if your student needs a ride. Concert starts at noon.

            We’ll go see the String Chix Trio at Murray Park. Parents/siblings more than welcome (it’s free), and bring money for lunch if you want. They play all sorts of fun pop music like Mumford and Sons, and they currently tour with Shania Twain! Get a chance to see an electric violin, viola, and cello in action! Check out their YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdpIsyliLPA

August 8-12 – NO LESSONS

August 27SUMMER RECITAL, complete with popsicle after-party. Venue TBD.

September 5 – Fall Semester starts – stay tuned for other events!